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Winter SuperBlend:
The Season's SuperFood For Your Birds

Winter is a wonderful time to feed the birds. Not only is it a chance to help birds get the necessary fats for surviving longer nights and colder temperatures, but it's also a good time to see a wide variety of birds visiting your feeders.

Our Winter SuperBlend is a high-fat seed blend, specifically formulated to provide birds the essential energy and fats needed to survive whatever winter throws at them. This super food is packed full of sunflower chips, pecans, peanuts, tree nuts, Bark Butter Bits and NutraSaff. It is highly attractive to a wide variety of birds and available in loose seed or as a seed cylinder.

Monday, January 6th, through Sunday, January 12th - 15% OFF Winter SuperBlend Seed AND Cylinders*

*Daily Savings Club Members - 20% OFF with the same offer.

Barred Owl in flight

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